SGR Reviews – Drawn to Death

Swearing toads of pen and paper

Do you remember those boring days in school when you’d doodle on your notebook to pass time instead of listening to what your boring teacher had to say? Well, I sure don’t. I couldn’t, and still can’t, draw anything other than stick figures even if my life depended on it.

David Jaffe, the lead director of the original God of War and Twisted Metal, on the other hand might remember those days very fondly because that’s the base aesthetic of his new ultra-violent game, Drawn to Death.

This is a multiplayer focused third-person shooter where the main goal is to beat the living crap out of your opponents with insanely inventive characters and weapons such as Dodgeball Dan, a head and torso who vomits and proceeds to throw dodgeballs at deadly speeds, and the JRPG which is a retro console that causes explosions full of cliché JRPG 8-bit characters and enemies.

The game lets you go online with three other players and duke it out in one of three game modes in a variety of maps, my highlight goes for the Heart Donor mode where the goal is to collect hearts scattered around the map or obtained through killing your opponents and drop them in moving safe zones. It might sound silly but it makes for very tense matches.

The controls feel fine; moving around and aiming feels as good as you’d expect, every character feels distinct enough with each having two special abilities each. My only issue is with how floaty the characters feel once they’re in mid-air. I believe they’ve made the jumps intentionally floaty to make it easier to navigate the stages which are, for the most part, very vertical.

Despite having enjoyed the game I feel there’s a lot of untapped potential about producing a very stylized and humorous game that doesn’t have a single player mode. The tutorial was probably my best time with the game, the enemies were sitting ducks for the most part but the dialog and events in it were so great that it made me wonder why they decided to make it a multiplayer only game in the first place.

Regardless, if you do own PS+ do yourself a favor, download Drawn to Death and at least play the tutorial. The game is sound as it is and there seems to be a bunch of content updates planned to be released down the line. If you do have to go out of your way and pay for the game though, considering you’d also have to buy a PS+ subscription to play it I’d say it’s not worth the asking price as of the time writing this review.



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