SGR News – Tokyo 42 Multiplayer Trailer

There’s a unique element of hide-and-seek in Tokyo 42. Each player starts with a randomised skin and very little ammo. They must attempt to blend in with the crowd and build up their arsenal without being spotted by the others.

That would all be straightforward, were it not for the ever-present threat of Trackacat, a crack reconnaissance feline able to sniff out the slightest whiff of an assassin.

Once the players’ identities are discovered, havoc ensues as katanas, pistols, mingiguns, rocket launchers and various flavours of grenade are whipped out and put to use.

Tokyo 42 will ship with 5 maps: Market, Tears, Autoshow, Looks Like a Quadcopter and HRBRT. Market is the archetypal Tokyo 42 map: dense crowds, many hiding places and tricky ammo pick-ups; while HRBRT is a much more open, long-range affair which suits grenades, automatic rifles and sniping.

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