SGR News – Little Nightmares: Secrets of The Maw Expansion Pass announced

Bandai Namco has announced Little Nightmares: Secrets of The Maw, an expansion pass to the hit title from Tarsier Studios.

This expansion pass will introduce three brand new chapters to the game telling the tale of a parallel escape story with the first chapter launching next month. The expansion pass, as well as a “Complete Edition” including the base game and expansion base, can be pre-purchased on PSN and other online platforms from June 9.


Unveil all the Secrets of The Maw as The Runaway Kid, another prisoner looking for a way out of this place of misfortune. On his journey, The Kid will visit unseen areas of the Maw in 3 different chapters: The Depths, The Hideway and a last secret location offering a different perspective on Six’s adventures as well as new challenges to overcome.

Three Chapters

In The Depths, the first chapter to be released in July, the Runaway Kid will explore a decayed and flooded basement where he must try to escape from an insidious threat that lurks underwater. In November, you will be able to visit The Hideway, a machine-themed section where the Nomes reside. The third and final chapter to be released in January will decide the fate of The Runaway Kid.


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