SGR Reviews – Danger Zone

Domino Effect

Indie developer Three Fields Entertainment, made up of former founding members of Criterion and Burnout, returns to the forefront after Dangerous Golf and Lethal VR with a game inspired by the tremendously addictive Crash Mode of the Burnout arcade driving saga. For those forgetful or younger, we will do a memory refresh exercise and remind you of what Crash Mode consisted of. Basically, it was about launching our vehicle on a limited road stretch and causing chain collisions. This is the whole concept of Danger Zone, while it can be a really fun game in short bursts it also leaves you wanting more or at least wishing the game had a little bit more variety.

As stated just now, the goal of the game is very simple; you have to drive and launch your car against traffic in order to cause as much damage as you can to get the best possible rank in each stage, platinum. To enhance your score there are a couple of items that you can use, namely Smash Time and cash pick-ups. Smash Time lets you re-combust your car which really helps to maneuver around stages, as once you’re airborne your car controls almost like a ragdoll and cash pickups are simply bonus points but they really make the difference between getting a gold or platinum medal. You see, collecting the cash pickups in a specific order, first all the bronze ones and then all the silvers, in a single run makes a juicy single gold cash pick-up appear. These cash pickups are placed in a very intelligent way, as they often trace the most optimal route of each simulation. Understanding the points system thoroughly really makes a difference on how long the game might run you, during our time with the game we managed to get gold medals (and a couple of platinums) on pretty much every single one of its 30 stages in about six hours, though as any high score game your mileage will greatly be improved through the online leaderboards where you can try to be the most chaotic driver in the world in each specific stage. On top of this, the game features a full trophy set on PlayStation 4 but sadly doesn’t sport a platinum.

The one true issue that I had with Danger Zone is how samey everything looks and feels. I really enjoyed my time with the game but kept hoping for the next stage to look a bit different or to feature a new vehicle but by the time I was through with the game I was still driving the same white car inside this industrial looking warehouse.

Danger Zone is a great reminder of what Burnout’s Crash Mode was. Despite its somewhat lack of variety it’s still hard to deny the disturbing satisfaction of this chaotic domino effect.


Review code kindly provided by Three Fields Entertainment

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