SGR Reviews – Puzzle Adventure Blockle

Furtastic rotation action

With the growth of the mobile gaming market and the popularity of such titles as Candy Crush and its derivatives, it seems as if the originality of puzzle games has dwindled over time. Puzzle Adventure Blockle fights back this trend with a pretty interesting concept that mixes platforming challenges with a world rotating mechanic, tied by a quirky little narrative.

In this puzzle platformer developed by Intense the player follows the misadventures of a kitty named Kulu who apprehensively agrees to help the mayor of the kitty kingdom collect the eight World Stones in order to take over the world. Yes, you read that right, the goal of the good guys is to take over the world. This will probably give away how silly and over the top the plot and dialogues are but in all honesty, I really enjoyed how cheesy and unpredictable some of the story events were. Accompanying Kulu in his quest is a skimpily dressed amnesiac goddess named Arika who’s ability is the core mechanic of the game, world rotation.

As stated previously, Puzzle Adventure Blockle combines puzzles with light platforming elements. The basic objective is to rotate the stages in order to reach the goal or in order to meet a set number of objectives. There’s a lot more to the gameplay though, as each of the eight different worlds has different gimmicks that’ll certainly leave you scratching your head for a while, especially if you aim to get three stars in each stage. These gimmicks are introduced in a very thoughtful manner though as the ploys are usually in tune with the theme of each world, with the first few levels of each world serving as an introduction for the player to get familiarized with them and the latter few really upping the challenge. On top of the much-appreciated gameplay variety, each world in  Puzzle Adventure Blockle looks the part with a very clean anime look, from the characters to every detailed background everything looks extremely adorable.

There are a few blemishes in other areas though, like the repetitive soundtrack that quickly became annoying and had me mute the game for the majority of my experience. Another thing that didn’t feel quite right was the life system, basically, the player can make up to five mistakes before he’s forced to repeat a stage. This sounds fine on paper but then there’s also this other undo mechanic that lets you go back to your previous move but for whatever reason, this doesn’t give back your lives back. The final piece of negative criticism has to do with how little the stars and crowns mean in the grand scheme of things, they serve no purpose in unlocking any kind of content and are merely there for bragging rights.

One thing that Puzzle Adventure Blockle has going for it on the Nintendo Switch is that it’s perfect for short sessions on the go. You can just pick it up for 15 minutes to plow through two or three puzzles and quickly put it down to drop off the train or do some other activity. The low-price point is also another bonus, for little over 6€ you get 80 regular puzzles plus another 80 harder ones once you’re done with the main game.

In short, Intense’s Puzzle Adventure Blockle is a fun little puzzle platformer that feels right at home on the Nintendo Switch. The story is fun and full of quirky characters and the puzzles themselves are, for the most part, a great challenge. Easily recommended to puzzle fanatics and to any Nintendo Switch owner on a budget looking for something new to play.


                                                               Review code kindly provided by Intense Co.

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