SGR News – PS4 version of Happy Dungeons launching in September

The PlayStation 4 version of free-to-play action RPG Happy Dungeons will launch on September 7.

Toylogic is running an early pre-registration campaign from starting tomorrow and ending on August 31st in which users can sign-up to receive some in-game bonus when the game launches, namely:

  • Early Registration Exclusive Minion, Mimi – Minions are small characters who follow you into Dungeons. Mimi’s ability makes all allies invincible for three seconds after opening a treasure chest.
  • Happy Cards Free Passes x10 – With these, you can try your hand at Happy Cards for a chance to win Rare Equipment Items.

Additionally, several Happy Jewels (which can be used to purchase in-game items) rewards are planned based on the number of early pre-registrations:

  • 5,000 registered – 100 Happy Jewels
  • 10,000 registered – 200 Happy Jewels
  • 15,000 registered – 300 Happy Jewels
  • 20,000 registered – 400 Happy Jewels
  • 25,000 registered – 500 Happy Jewels



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