SGR Reviews – Spiral Splatter (PS Vita)

The walls are made of lava

You must’ve seen or played at some point in your life one of those little games where you’d have to cross a maze with a metallic rod while avoiding to hit any of the walls. Well, that is exactly the basic concept of Neonchimp’s Spiral Splatter for the PlayStation Vita.

It really is as simple as that classic game that I mentioned, you control a white ball and simply have to make your way safely to the goal without touching anything. The challenge here is to make it to the goal as fast as possible, you can press a button to move faster which makes you more prone to crash into things but it’s essential that you master it if you intend to collect every single golden star in each level. The straightforward premise has some extra things sprinkled in such as switches that enable or disable gates, timed buttons and the ability to temporarily move certain obstacles. It might sound simple, and it is, but I there’s a lot of variety in the 100+ levels that the game offers, with some resembling small puzzles and others being more action-oriented. This variety and the clean visuals were enough to keep me engaged to the point that I ended up 100% completing the game.

With that said there were quite a few problems with Spiral Splatter starting with the sound options, or lack thereof. The game only gives you the option to completely mute it unlike the standard options of toggling music and sound effects on or off separately, this made for an awkwardly completely silent 3-hour play-through as I’d get my ears destroyed by the extremely loud sound effects every time I bumped into a wall otherwise. The game also has a couple of strange micro stutters on the PlayStation Vita which disrupted the gameplay from time to time as it would always happen when I was zooming through some part of a stage, which in turn made me crash into something every single time. The worst thing that happened though has to be the one time the game crashed after completing world 7, I got an error message and proceeded to restart the game. When I go into the stage select menu all my progress was gone, all of it. After a 5 second meltdown, I decided to restart the game yet again and this time it loaded my progress and I was able to resume where I had left off before the game crashed. I’m sure this is one of those 1 in a million scenarios but it’s worth noting nonetheless.

For as basic of a concept as Spiral Splatter is I still had a fun time with it despite some issues here and there. There is enough content and a ton of variety here to keep you playing for a while if you’re a fan of these types of games and a great fit for the PlayStation Vita due to its portable form factor.


Review code kindly provided by Sometimes You

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