SGR Reviews – One More Dungeon

Just one more go

One More Dungeon is a first-person rogue-like fantasy game, in the same vein as Ziggurat, that was developed and published by Stately Snail in 2015 and that’s making its way onto consoles in 2017 by the hands of Ratalaika Games. While a game of this genre might’ve had a bigger impact back when it was first released there’s still an undeniable sense of addiction from delving into randomly generated dungeons filled to the brim with enemies and surprises.

In One More Dungeon, you take control of a nameless hero that must make his way through a multi-level dungeon at all costs. This is no easy task, as with most rogue dungeon crawlers enemy AI is relentless and you’re constantly put at a disadvantage to make things a bit more exciting. You start off with a dinky knife, one of three staves given to you at random and a single potion, that’s it. By exploring each level, you may come across other collectables that’ll help you along the way, such as weapons, relics and other consumables.

Enemy encounters might feel a bit off until you learn how to judge distances properly, this perhaps will lead you to rely heavily on the long-range ability of your staff but to make it all the way through the game you’ll need to master both melees and ranged combat. Sadly, the level design can be rather poor at times. I know that rogue-likes usually don’t have the strongest level design but most often than not you get rewarded for exploring dungeons thoroughly. In One More Dungeon if you end up down a path that doesn’t lead to either the boss of the current level or the path to the exit to the next level you’ll either find empty corridors that lead to nowhere and give you absolutely nothing or you’ll be mauled by a group of enemies. This really made me not want to explore each level thoroughly because there’s a bigger risk than there are rewards to be had outside of the beaten path.

Presentation wise One More Dungeon meets the bare minimum of acceptable with a smooth framerate and clean looking, but a bit too generic, visuals and poor sound design. Don’t get me wrong, Ratalaika did a great job porting the game over to PlayStation 4 and blocky look of the game didn’t bother too much despite being far from original. Said graphical style did make things hard to grasp at first, during my first run I was flailing my knife at about everything to figure out which of the objects were breakable and which weren’t. The real problems were the uninspired music was and the poor sound effect mixing. These would usually overlap when there were too many things in any given room. Even while using headphones I kept getting blindsided by some enemy outside of my field of view because I couldn’t hear him moving around me.

The game has a decent amount of content for a budget title. Getting through a dungeon is immensely challenging and this alone will take multiple attempts, every level is also randomly generated meaning that you’ll never play the same layout twice which helps to keep things interesting and quite addicting. On top of that, there are a bunch of modifiers that you can unlock to alter your game in many ways. Some are rather helpful, such as the one that halves the enemies’ health and another that starts you off with more items, while others, such as starting off with only a single health point or being poisoned from the start, are absolute nightmares. The PlayStation 4 version features a full trophy list with a platinum trophy and it also features cross-buy with the PlayStation Vita being free of charge which is a nice little bonus.

One More Dungeon is one of those games that’s just perfect for fans of old-school dungeon crawlers and fantasy in general. There’s a lot to see and plenty of stuff to obliterate but its punishing difficulty and, at times, boring level design make it hard to recommend it to newcomers of this genre. In any case, if you think you’re up to the challenge and are willing to stick with it until you get the hang of things you may end up finding a very rewarding, and terribly addictive first-person rogue-like in One More Dungeon.


Review code kindly provided by Ratalaika Games

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