SGR Reviews – League of Evil

Evil waste of time


With the massive success of hardcore platformers such as Super Meat Boy others soon followed it’s footsteps in an attempt to bring something new to the table while trying to capture some of its success. One of such games was a 2011 mobile game called League of Evil, a more humble twitch reflex platformer where your goal is to get through challenging levels to get to the end and punch an evil scientist in his ugly evil face. League of Evil has recently been ported to consoles and the end result is decent for a budget game but you could get something much more inspired by spending a tad more.
As previously mentioned, in League of Evil you have to get through bite-sized challenging stages to punch the evil scientist that awaits you at the end of every single stage.  These have different backdrops and hazards but ultimately it all feels like it’s been made with a bog standard level editor making the whole experience a bit uninspired. You have a couple of extra objectives such as locating a briefcase that’s hidden somewhere in every stage and beat each stage as fast as you can to obtain a three stars rank.
The gameplay in itself is fine, you can perform jumps, double jumps, walls jumps and punch enemies with ease. The feel of the game is adequate for a platformer of this kind and despite a few unfair level design choices such as most of the leaps of fate ending up with your character being impaled to death the gameplay might as well be League of Evil‘s strongest suit. The game has 140 stages plus a level editor for you to enjoy but not one of these 100+ stages stuck with me after I was done getting the platinum trophy in the game, which took about 4 hours. As an added bonus the game features cross-buy between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, however, it does not feature cross-save between the two platforms.

League of Evil is a budget hardcore platformer that’s more suitable for portable consoles or mobile devices given the simplicity of the game. If you have no issues with touch-based controls you can grab the free version for Android which has pretty much the same amount of content.

Review code kindly provided by Ratalaika Games

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