SGR News – Manifest 99 PS VR Launch Trailer

MANIFEST 99 is an ominous and eerie VR story set on a train rumbling through the afterlife. Accompanied by a murder of crows and four mysterious travel companions, you must uncover the reason why they – and you – are on this train traveling into the great beyond.

Gaze into their eyes and discover the remnants of their weary souls, before they pass on.


SGR News – Raiden V Director’s Cut Limited Edition Trailer; Out in October

Publisher UFO Interactive announced that Raiden V: Director’s Cut will be released in North America on October 5th for PlayStation 4.

A special limited edition PlayStation 4 boxed version including an exclusive music soundtrack CD will be available at,, and as seen at the end of the trailer above.

Here’s an overview of the PS4 version by UFO Interactive:

  • Extreme Graphics – Raiden V: Director’s Cut features full 1080p support to bring every explosion, missile attacks and boss kills to earth shattering realism on HDTV’s and monitors.
  • Tri View HUD – Raiden V: Director’s Cut reaches new levels of frenetic and heart pounding action as real time game status changes, command center data and game play simultaneously and continuously update you on the action.
  • Multiplayer – First time ever, local two-player cooperative play!
  • Cheer Attack – A powerful special attack for your secondary weapons – but only for a few seconds – don’t miss your window!
  • Fully Narrated Storyline – Who’s got time to read!
  • New Ships – Three unique ships with different strengths and weapons.
  • Health Bars – Keep an eye on your ship’s health if you want to make it to your final destination.
  • PS4 Limited Edition – Exclusive 22* track separate music soundtrack CD.